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colon cancer survival rates

colon cancer survival rates

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Ping pills and anti-cancer mechanism of pharmacological action
1, flat pill induced digestive system cancer cell cycle arrest of cancer cells, inhibition of tumor anti-cancer pill level cell division and proliferation, to promote the differentiation of anti-cancer pills flat, flat pill impede cancer tumor growth, cancer tumor flat pill can shrink or disappear.
2, anti-cancer pills increase the level CD4 / CD8 ratio, anti-cancer pills stimulate the reticuloendothelial system level proliferation. Enhanced phagocytic cell cancer activity level pills, anti-cancer pills to improve immune system function level.
3, anti-cancer pills through the digestive system level signal transduction system within cancer cells, selective inhibition of anti-cancer pill Ping Na, K, ATP activity, decreased anti-cancer pills cancer gene expression level, anti-cancer pills induce tumor cell apoptosis level
4, anti-cancer pills control level transfer of the primary tumor and metastases continue to sp, anti-cancer pill relieved level clinical symptoms, improve quality of life.
5, anti-cancer pills to protect bone marrow hematopoietic function level, anti-cancer pills to increase white blood cell count level, flat pill reduces cancer and cancer chemotherapy, and toxins on the hematopoietic system damage, cancer flat pill with chemotherapy, radiodrivelan power increase

therapy significantly attenuated synergistic combination of the role of anti-cancer pills, especially for flat inoperable, side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy of cancer patients can not be tolerated.
6, anti-cancer pills improve the metabolism level, protect the heart, liver and renal function.
7, anti-cancer pills are widely used in various malignancies level of treatment, in addition to treatment of digestive tumors, but also for lung cancer, malignant lymphoma, acute myeloid leukemia, cervical cancer, have obtained good results in different degrees .Experts QQ
Study found that in patients with advanced colon cancer patients on the basis of conventional therapy, plus clothing, a new cure for cancer - irinotecan, significant disease can be controlled, but also greatly improve patient survival.
New York Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, said Dr. Leonard Saltz, the conventional treatment of colorectal cancer treatment is the most commonly used drugs - Fu Niaomi lakes and folinic acid, irinotecan attack because the mechanism of cancer with conventional chemotherapy differently, It added, will greatly improve the outcome.
The researchers were of irinotecan was tested, and the Fu Niaomi irinotecan with folinic acid lake and carried out joint use of test subjects were 683 patients with colon cancer, cancer had spout their gut Tao into the other organs.
The results showed that in the conventional therapy and then adding irinotecan to patients with the disease in 4.3-7 months, no further development, thus increasing the patient''s survival. Similarly, combination treatment led to overall survival from 12.6 months to 14.8 months.
Combination of three drugs used in the overall response rate of 50%, Fu Niaomi lake and folinic acid combined with an overall response rate was 28%. Three drugs used in combination group six patients, conventional therapy in two patients and only irinotecan treatment group four patients had complete response to treatment occurred.
The same compared with patients receiving conventional therapy, only patients taking irinotecan overall survival and the survival rate of further deterioration of the disease is not nearly the same. In addition, two groups of patients the rate of serious side effects and quality of life are the same.
Saltz pointed out that this combination therapy is currently the most effective treatment of advanced colorectal cancer therapy. The most important is that the treatment shown to benefit patients directly to make all kinds, including men, women, the elderly, young, energetic and not like activities.

Colon cancer survival
Colon cancer is a common digestive tract cancer, colon cancer and gastrointestinal cancer accounts for the first three. Good site for the rectum and sigmoid colon and rectal junction, more than 65% incidence at 40 years of age, male to female ratio of 2 ~ 3: Colon Cancer Symptoms
(A) Early symptoms: Early colon cancer may have abdominal distension, discomfort, indigestion-like symptoms, then there changes in bowel habits, such as it plays more, diarrhea or constipation, abdominal pain before then. Later you can have mucous or mucopurulent bloody stools.
(B) poisoning symptoms: loss of blood and toxins because of absorption of malignant ulcers can often lead patients had anemia, fever, fatigue, weight loss, swelling and other manifestations, particularly in anemia, weight loss is the.
(C) obstruction performance: as low incomplete or complete obstruction symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain (pain or cramps), constipation, or will be closed. Abdominal examination shows lung, intestinal, local tenderness, and a strong smell and the bowel sounds Kang.
(D) abdominal mass: the tumor or retina, invasion of surrounding tissue adhesive mass, hard, irregular shape, and some can have some with bowel activity, advanced even when compared with tumor invasion, mass can be fixed.
(E) the performance of advanced colorectal cancer: jaundice, ascites, edema and other signs of liver metastases, and cachexia, rectal Au mass, supraclavicular lymph nodes and other distant spof tumor metastasis performance.


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