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List of Cat Food Online from N to P

List of Cat Food Online from N to P


Here''s an alphabetical list of cat food online, and elsewhere, listed alphabetically from N through P.o slim

I''ve listed all the brands of cat food you''ve probably heard of as well as some that may be new to you.ling fluent forum

Not all of these brands are "healthy." You may not have heard of many of the healthy choices. The less healthy brands ("cheap cat food") advertise a lot more, so you''ve probably seen them on TV.man pride gel kaufen

Click on the links for more information, AND to find out if this is a healthy choice for your kitten or cat.

List of Brands from "Natura" through "Purina"

Natura cat food is manufactured by Natura Pet Products. Actually, there is no specific brand called Natura. The company manufactures Innova, Evo, and California Natural, among other brands. All the pet food brands manufactured by this company are top-notch natural and holistic. They cannot be found at supermarkets. Update, May 2010: Proctor & Gamble is buying Natura Pet Products in an effort to get into the "holistic and natural" pet food market.

Natural Balance Cat Food is manufactured by Dick Van Patten''s Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. (Yes, the same Dick Van Patten from "Eight is Enough" – for those of us old enough to remember!) The company has been around since 1989 and also makes dog food as well as nutrition for large animals such as lions, tigers, polar bears, and wolves!

Natural Choice. See Nutro Natural Choice.

Natural Life Cat Food is manufactured by Natural Life Pet Products. Not only do they make healthy cat food brands, but they are also involved with non-profits such as The Doris Day Foundation and the Special Olympics. This is a company that cares about pets and about the community.

Newman''s Own Cat Food is organic pet food made from Paul Newman''s company. More than 70% of all ingredients used in the formulation of all Newman''s Own Organics are organic. They offer grain-free dry and canned cat food. You can find Newman''s Own Cat Food online and in specialty pet supply stores.

Nutro Natural Choice. The Nutro Company makes Nutro Max Cat and Nutro Natural Choice. Both brands of cat food offer dry and canned options as well as food for different lifestyles, life stages and conditions (e.g., hairballs, weight management, oral care and stomach sensitivity). These brands can be found at pet food stores, but probably not most supermarkets.

Orijen is a Canadian pet food manufacturer that makes "biologically appropriate pet food" using fresh regional ingredients. They won Pet Food of the Year awarded by The Glycemic Research Institute in Washington, D.C. You can find this cat food online and in specialty pet stores.

Pet Guard (aka Petguard) is a family owned and operated company that makes USDA certified organic cat and dog food. Pet Guard Cat Food uses a variety of animal protein sources and they offer both kibble and canned. This healthy cat food brand is marketed through many health and natural foods stores, veterinarian offices and nutritionally concerned pet stores.

Pet Promise. From the Petpromiseinc.com website: "Like many companies, however, we have been impacted by today''s unfortunate economic conditions. Regrettably, as of January 2010, the Pet Promise line of dog and cat food products will no longer be available in the marketplace. The line of Pet Promise shampoos will continue to be available."

Petlane sells a number of different pet products including their Pure Purr Gold Cat Food. You can buy their cat food online or directly from people who are independent distributors of Pure Purr Gold. They only have kibble and it''s made of USDA approved, hormone and antibiotic free, high quality proteins.

Prairie Cat Food is made by Nature''s Variety. This is a great holistic pet food. They have raw pet food, kibble and canned choices. I used this source for my two healthy cats for a number of years. You can find this healthy brand at specialty pet stores and online.

Precise Cat Food is a premium cat food manufactured in Texas by the Precise Pet Products company. They have various feline formulas including kitten, adult and hairball formulas. You can buy it at specialty pet supply stores.

Primal Raw Cat Food is a frozen raw food made by Primal Pet Foods, Inc. This is a California based that makes 100% human-grade raw foods and treats for dogs and cats. You can buy Primal Raw cat food online and at specialty pet stores and certain supermarkets like Whole Foods.

ProPlan, or Pro Plan, is another Purina product. They have dry and canned food for both dogs and cats, as well as a number of formulas.

Purina, or Nestle Purina PetCare Company, manufactures a number of different supermarket brands of pet food. These include Purina Cat Chow, Fancy Feast, Friskies. Frankly, I wouldn''t serve any Purina food to my two healthy cats.


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