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Can You Love Yourself?

Can You Love Yourself?

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Can you love yourself?At first thought, this question almost seems ridiculous.I want to explore this question in a context that most people probably have not thought of before.Look at it from the eyes of an overweight individual.titan gel efecte secundare

When you wake up in the morning, do you thank God that you are alive, jump out of bed ready to challenge your body and improve it by doing some morning aerobics?Or do you drag yourself out of bed cursing the fact that everything aches, wishing you could stay in bed all day?flexa plus tablete forum

When you go out to eat, do you choose the foods that you know will feed your body with the raw materials that it needs to build a better body, or do you succumb to your food addictions and go for the plate of fatty salty fried foods?

When you come home from work, do you hug your children and spouse and have a fun filled evening playing with your kids, or do you sit in front of the television like a zombie not having the energy to play with your kids no matter how many times they beg you?

When you go shopping for clothes, do you look for flattering styles that will complement your figure, or do you try things on and then stare at yourself in the mirror despising every part of you?

How do you live your life?Do you spend more time hating things about yourself than you do praising the fact that God gave you a life to live?Did you ever stop to think for one minute that your body, regardless of how you feel about it, is the only thing that God gave you to go through this life with?Do you think that He would be happy with how you are treating your body?

Have you thought about the mission that you as an individual have here on this planet?Can you fulfill your mission in your current shape?Are your daily habits leading you to a future that is non-fulfilling and filled with regret?When you are on your death bed will you be wondering why you let life slip by instead of getting everything that you can get from it?Will you wonder why you did not give more of yourself?

Will your excess weight be a reason why you could not give more of yourself?Because you don’t have the energy, you don’t have the patience, you don’t have the self-esteem, and you don’t have the love for yourself.How can you hate what God gave you?He loved you enough to give you a body that would not fail you.A body that will go the distance.A body that will give all that you demand from it.A body that will heal itself.A body that is intelligent beyond all of the computer intelligence of this world.There is only one catch.

You have to love it enough to give it what it needs.

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