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7 Causes of Hair Damage  Healthy Everyday

7 Causes of Hair Damage Healthy Everyday


Metabolic factors, and hormones affect steress cause disruption protection of natural hair to the scalp hair. 7 There are other factors that can cause hair damage. Here are 7 of these factors.titan gel

The process of bleaching at high risk for causing damage to the hair. Because bleaching, hair cuticle interfering with chemicals, so that the hair pigment is lost. With the cuticle terbukannya then be quickly damaged hair right.http://haysascena.de/gb/woman/7+Causes+of+Hair+Damage++Healthy+Everyday.html

Chemicals used for curling can cause hair loss in the amino proteins. In the process of curling, the hairs natural strength is eroded, the hair looks dull and dry.qui

In the dyeing process, the structure of the hair will change. other than that if it does not perform maintenance post-coloring, then it will become drier and broken.eracto

Steam heat generated by these two devices will cause the hydrogen to glue the hair will be damaged. The result will be hollow and brittle hair. When you frequently use both, then use condisioner and hair protective products.

To avoid damage, do not often tie your hair too tight. Do not tie your hair

when it is damp or wet. This is done so that the hair does not mudahpatah.

The purpose aalah hair wash to clean the scalp of oil. But when its done too

often, the hairs natural moisture will erode. Since the iti to wash your hair every day if often oily scalp. But, when the hair started to look dull, then reset the schedule to wash your hair.

As a result of too frequent combing the hair becomes brittle making. But, if not ever

combing, the hair will easy tangle. Therefore, Comb your hair just enough.


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