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Green Tea for Better Sleep – Do Not Miss Out

Green Tea for Better Sleep – Do Not Miss Out

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Green Tea for Better Sleep – Do Not Miss Out on All Benefitsgreen barley plus dosierung

The environment we live in and out busy lives are responsible for various sleep disorders. It is perfectly natural not to get good sleep when there is noise and/ or when you are nervous and stressed. The nightmares, the frequent waking up and the insomnia are just some of the most common sleep problems. Adequate curs for them have not been found yet, but it turns out that the key to the solution might be in natural medicine. Several studies have revealed that green tea can promote better sleep.ling fluent pris

The leaves of the green tea plant contain L-theanine. This is a powerful amino acid that affects positively the neurotransmitters of the brain. L-theanine stimulates the brain to produce alpha brain waves and to maintain their frequency. When you are in the so called alpha state, you are more relaxed. In turn, your body can fight the effects of stress more effectively. This allows you to fall asleep more easily and to have a healthy, uninterrupted sleep all night long.avis atlant gel

You should take into account the fact that L-theanine does not have the side effects of the standard sleeping pills. It does not make you feel tired and sleepy after waking up. Quite the opposite, in the alpha state the mind is more alert as well as more relaxed. This means that thanks you green tea you will actually get better sleep plus improved concentration and learning ability. With the presence of alpha brain waves, the production of serotonin in the brain increases. In turn, your mood will be improved and you will be les likely to suffer from anxiety and depression, which usually cause sleeping disorders.

Generally, the antioxidants in green tea protect the cells of the body, including the brain ones, from the so called oxidative stress. By fighting the free radicals in the body, these chemical compounds promote better health. This is also beneficial for better sleep. You will fall asleep more easily and you will not wake up tired.

The general belief is that green tea can prevent healthy sleep because it contains caffeine. It is true that you will not get the desired beneficial effect if you drink tea or take supplements right before going to bed. However, if you take consume green tea in moderate amounts throughout the day you will certainly improve your sleep at night. It is essential for you to turn this into a habit in order to get the best results.


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