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Christopher I really appreciate the positive

Christopher I really appreciate the positive

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Christopher I really appreciate the positive review. As you suggest, and perhaps it is the key, we all need to remember to take our health seriously each day. - Alan Aronoff
Joann thank you so much for your review. I like your analogy of the roadmap. I think it is just what we all need in many areas of life. - Alan Aronoff
The book was totally engaging. What makes it stand above other books on dieting is that it isn''t a manual. The author relates his experience which makes us almost temporarily think we are starting a novel. That approach, being somewhat hybrid in nature, really made me continue reading. What it accomplished is it made me WANT to diet. Which technically isn''t the purpose of the book. But it is possible to check a book on dieting with a vague desire to diet. But from the author''s story I realized why it is important to eat right. Simply put, I don''t have such a wonderful friend to donate a kidney for me. I should therefore consider protecting the ones I still have. With that said, from there on, it only got better, since, offering extra information yet again, the author relates the difficulty of keeping a nutritional regiment even when it is life threatening. And in fact, even without an operation, preemptive methods are better than the solutions to solve the problems we fail to prevent. I could completely see the logic in Mr. Aronoff''s arguments, and it felt subconsciously conditioned, as if I can hear his voice chiming in my ears, to take my health seriously day in and day out. A necessary read. Since it may just be life saving. - Christopher Largie
When I was introduced to Diet Success Strategies, I thought that 67 strategies would be a little overwhelming. As I read through the book however, I realized that what Alan Aronoff had created was a profound and effective roadmap to success. There are numerous strategies that can be applied not just to dieting, but to almost any situation in life. Thank you, Alan, for providing a manageable and workable guide for those looking to improve their lives and health. - Joann Hillring
This book is just what I need. I am always on my diet and unfortunately, always off my diet. I just started reading the book but already see a few things that give me new motivation to stick with it. Thank you so much for sending me this early copy. - Rosie Oliver
This book brought me to a new level of consciousness. Prior to reading this book I ate on raw impulses, Diet Strategies has started me on a path of planning WHAT I''m going to eat to keep me healthy so that I can achieve my goals. Carole - Carole Stang
I really needed those daily strategies to help me keep focused. It is good to see a diet book with practical suggestions for the everyday person. - Andrew Pilgrim
This is a great book. Thanks for the inspiration! - George Anderson
Dealing with the core of the issue is always the most sustainable way to move forward and reap success. To healthy living! :) - Ro-Ann
This guidebook offers a more holistic approach to dieting that''s sure to bring more positive results. - Sariaya



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