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sometimes you need a break

sometimes you need a break

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i know i know - i’ve been on hiatus again! but sometimes life gets busy and you get sidetracked from things you love to do - or just think you should be doing. but that’s another reason i need my readers in my life, to send questions, comments, etc and keep me engaged in doing this and give you information that you want to hear. i know you can write into health magazines and other sites - but here you will get information from someone that has been through it all and can offer advice from the heart. things that have been tried and true.goji cream

here’s something - this year already has been filled w/ ups and downs for me. good month, bad month, good month, bad month. i get down in weight size, work out regularly for a bit and then everything get thrown off and i’m forced to start all over again. that’s not good for the body to be bouncing around like that. i know with women a lot of the struggle comes down to emotions, because we are emotional beings. one reason i like this blog and need to keep up this blog is because it allows me to focus on what is right when it comes to eating. what is right when it comes to exercise, fitness and all that good stuff.formexplode wirkung

i know it’s may, and not the beginning of a new year, but here’s to starting over. it’s never too late to incorporate new, better habits into your daily routine. it’s never to late to give up a bad habit. we’re going to start reviewing health products (whether they be food, equipment, etc) and let you know what we think. if you have a product you wanna share or get our opinion on, feel free to let us know!


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