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Life of an LEO Wife ~ K9  Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

Life of an LEO Wife ~ K9 Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

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Life of an LEO Wife ~ K9

Its been about 1 1/2 years since my LEO left home for about 6 weeks to go meet his K9 and go through K9 training.  He brought Ranger home and he fit in ok with our other two dogs(Boulevard & Stuart).  The other two were not quite sure what to think when they all first met.  The little guy Stuart still rules this household today even with a K9 who could rip Stuart to pieces.

Thankfully, my LEOs K9 is a pretty awesome dog.  Hes very social and really knows how to turn off when hes not on duty.(the K9, not my husband ~ haha!)  He loves to playmaybe a little too muchand really is just an all around big teddy bear.(and I definitely mean BIG)

Id be lying if I said I dont get a tiny bit jealous of Ranger, who gets to be with Mike 24 hours a day.  The bond they have is amazing.  However, Im not sure Id want to be in the K9 cage in my LEOs work truck for 8-10 hours a day so I guess its good that Ranger is with him and not me.  :)  It was my LEOs childhood dream to be a K9 officer in his current agencyits so amazing to see dreams come true.

Heres my four legged children: from left to right ~ Stuart, Boulevard, & Ranger

Does your LEO have a K9?  Is the K9 social?  Does he/she interact well with your children or other pets?

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Life of an LEO Wife ~ K9

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